Yawn! Brad Wollack = Boring

May 30, 2008

Can you believe this jackass actually gets paid to make himself look like such a fool?


Brad Wollack Hates Asians

May 25, 2008

Brad Wollack, whose own father is a Dick, hates Asians:



Brad Wollack – SO Unfunny

May 25, 2008

A lot of people hate Brad, and he has so much free time, he actually posts comments on blogs that speak negatively of him. Here are a few examples (what a loser):



Brad Wollack Ruined My Cheslea Lately Experience – By His Looks Alone

May 25, 2008

As I first entered the hallways of Chelsea Lately, I was shocked to see a red-headed, troll-like version of Carrot Top. I couldn’t stop staring, it was as if I was driving down the freeway and seeing a tragic car wreck, I just couldn’t stop looking and wondering, “What can I do to end this ugly-looking tragedy?” Yep, that’s right, Brad Wollack is one hot mess you can’t stop staring at out of complete and utter pity.

When he opens his mouth, the tragedy becomes a trilogy. Not only must you suffer by staring at his face, you must now hear his voice and share the air he breathes.

Brad, with such huge, black-rimmed glasses – do you ever actually look in a mirror before going into public? (this is actually a rhetorical question as the obvious answer is NO) It’s a pity those large glasses don’t help your blindness. My grandfather is blind and I could get his doctor’s name if you are interested. You really should be. My grandfather can partially see out of one of his eyes now, after 20 years of no sight. I think you would greatly benefit from the same vision ability.


One last question, Chelsea mentioned yesterday that you were getting married in the next two weeks, who is the lucky guy?!?